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Lamberts have been the leading Independent Distributor in East Anglia for over 50 years.

It is not possible to link or take an image of every product due to the number of items supplied by Lamberts. Generic images are used throughout this website for illustration purposes only; i.e. a 1/2 spanner or a 6mm washer used to illustrated every size.

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Block / Pad

Burr / Point

Disc Cutting

Disc Grinding

Disc Flap

Disc Sanding



Wheel : Flap

Wheel : Grinding

Wheel : Grinding Bush

Wheel : Wire

Makita P-43533 Abrasive Disc 125 Punched 40G


Makita P-43549 Abrasive Disc 125 Punched 60G


Makita P-43577 Abrasive Disc 125 Punched 120G