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Lamberts for Accessories

Bosch Coded Guard For GWS7-115 4.5in Grinder


Adjustable Pin Key for Angle Grinders


Makita Carbon Brush Set 194427-5


Makita D-21200 17pc SDS Plus Chisel Set


C206PB Butane Propane Gas Cartridge 190gm


Tosmapp Gas Cylinder 453g Yellow Map-Plus


Bosch Backing Flange For Clamping Discs 115mm-150mm


Bosch Locking & Front Flange 115mm - 230mm


Bosch Rubber Backing Pad 100mm M10 For Sand/Disk


Bosch Carbon Brush Set Current 4/4.5in Grinders


Bosch Carbon Brush Set 5in Grinder GWS9-125


Bosch Carbon Brush Set 7 + 9in Angle Grinders


Bosch Carbon Brush Set GBM13 GSB18 GSB20


Makita Cork Sander Pad 421093-8 (For STL Plate)


Makita Carbon Plate 423029-3 (9401/02 Sander)


Makita P-71803 Heavyweight Leather Belt


Makita P-71819 Super Heavyweight Belt


Makita P-71825 Quick Release Belt


Makita P-71722 Tool Holder Blue L/R Drill Holster & Pouch


Makita P-71738 Electricians Pouch


Makita P-71744 General Purpose Pouch


Makita P-71750 2-Pocket Fixing Pouch


Makita P-71794 Drill Holster Universal L/R Handed


Makita P-71831 Measuring Tape Holder 3-10mtr


Makita P-71847 Mobile Phone & Pen Holder


Makita P-71875 Side Gate Hammer Holder


Makita P-71881 Electricians Mate


Makita P-71906 Fixings Pouch & Hammer Holder


Makita P-71912 Universal Tool Holder


Makita P-71928 Knife & Tool Holder


Makita P-71940 Cordless Impact Driver Holster L/R Handed


Makita B-16938 5pc Nemesis SDS Plus Drill Set


Makita B-42547 Candy Tub of 100 S/driver Bits 25mm PZ2 1/4


Makita D-16368 5pc SDS Plus Chisel Set


Makita D-47173 18pc Mixed Drill Bit Set


Makita P-23818 18pc Mixed Drill Bit Set Drum


Makita P-44046 216pc PRO Set Drill and Bit Set


Makita P-57283 30pc Impact Driver Bit Set


Makita P-67686 5pc Auger Set


Makita P-90358 60pc PRO Set Drill and Bit Set