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Lamberts have been the leading Independent Distributor in East Anglia for over 50 years.

It is not possible to link or take an image of every product due to the number of items supplied by Lamberts. Generic images are used throughout this website for illustration purposes only; i.e. a 1/2 spanner or a 6mm washer used to illustrated every size. Colours shown are for guidance only.

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Assorted Boxes

Bolts : Cup Sq. Hex

Bolts : Hex 8.8 Bzp

Bolts : Hex A2 Stainless

Bolts : Roofing

Sets : Hex 8.8 Bzp

Sets : Hex 8.8 Imperial

Sets : Hex A2 Stainless

Sets : Hex A2 Stainless Imperial

Masonry : Anchors

Masonry : Bolts

Masonry : Bolts Through

Masonry : Wall Plugs

Plasterboard : Screws

Nuts : Dome

Nuts : Hex Imperial

Nuts : Hex Metric

Nuts : Hex A2 Stainless

Nuts : Hex Metric Bzp

Nuts : Locking

Nuts : Nylon Insert Imperial

Nuts : Nylon Insert Metric

Nuts : Nylon Insert Metric A2 Stainless

Nuts : Wing


Screws : Coach

Screws : Csk Pozi

Screws : Csk Slotted

Screws : Pan Pozi

Screws : Pan Slotted

Screws : Self Tapping A2 Stainless

Screws : Self Tapping Csk Pozi

Screws : Self Tapping Pan Pozi : Box

Screws : Self Tapping Pan Pozi : Pack

Screws : Self-Drilling

Screws : Socket Button

Screws : Socket Button A2 Stainless

Screws : Socket Cap

Screws : Socket Cap Bzp

Screws : Socket Cap A2 Stainless Steel

Screws : Socket Cap A2 Stainless Steel Low Head

Screws : Socket Csk

Screws : Socket Csk Bzp

Screws : Socket Csk A2 Stainless

Screws : Socket Set

Screws : Socket Set A2 Stainless

Screws : Unbrako Socket Cap

Screws : Unbrako Socket Csk

Screws : Unbrako Socket Set

Screws : Wood

Split Pins

Hose Clips : Bzp

Hose Clips : Stainless

Studding : Connectors

Studding : High Tensile

Studding : Mild Steel Imperial

Studding : Mild Steel Metric

Studding : Stainless

Threaded Insert Kits

Threaded Inserts

Washers : Flat Imperial

Washers : Flat Metric

Washers : Flat Metric Stainless

Washers : Mudguard / Penny

Washers : Shakeproof

Washers : Spring