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Flanges / Gaskets

Lamberts have been the leading Independent Distributor in East Anglia for over 50 years.

It is not possible to link or take an image of every product due to the number of items supplied by Lamberts. Generic images are used throughout this website for illustration purposes only; i.e. a 1/2 spanner or a 6mm washer used to illustrated every size. Colours shown are for guidance only.

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Flange Chart :

Flange : Backing Flange

Flange : BS10 D

Flange : BS10 E Blank

Flange : BS10 E Screwed

Flange : BS10 E Slip On

Flange : BS10 F

Flange : BS10 H

Flange : BS1504 PN06

Flange : BS1504 PN10

Flange : BS1504 PN16 Blank

Flange : BS1504 PN16 Screwed

Flange : BS1504 PN16 Slip On

Flange : BS1504 PN16 Stainless

Flange : BS1504 PN16 Weld Neck

Flange : BS1504 PN40 Blank

Flange : BS1504 PN40 Screwed

Flange : BS1504 PN40 Slip On

Flange : BS1504 PN40 Weld Neck

Flange : BS1560 ASA150 Blank

Flange : BS1560 ASA150 Screwed

Flange : BS1560 ASA150 Slip On

Flange : BS1560 ASA150 Stainless

Flange : BS1560 ASA150 Weld Neck

Flange : BS1560 ASA300

Gasket : BS10 Asbestos Free

Gasket : BS10 Rubber

Gasket : BS1560 Asbestos Free

Gasket : BS4504 Asbestos Free

Gasket : BS4504 Bonded

Gasket : BS4504 Graphited

Gasket : BS4504 Rubber

Gasket : Sheeting

Galv Backing Flange PN16 5inch


Black Flange ASA300 3/4in Blank