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Lamberts for Gorilla

The Gorilla Glue Company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been selling Gorilla Glue for over a decade. The glue was first discoveredbeing used in Indonesia on teak furniture, but consumers soon found it to be incredibly versatile and demand soared. On a mission to make products that deliver impressive results, the company has since expanded its offerings to includeGorilla Tape, Gorilla Super Glue and Gorilla Wood Glue. We're really proud of our brand and believe in our high-quality products and their ability to get the job done right the first time. The company is family-owned and operated andprides itself on its family-atmosphere and fun-but-serious products. Our employees are our number one asset, and our management is dedicated to providing a healthy work culture centred on family-values. We are aware of our presence onthe environment, and are committed to focusing on recycling initiatives, a greener manufacturing process and reducing waste. It is our responsibility to do what we can to reduce our impact on Planet Earth.

Gorilla Epoxy Glue 25ml 2 Part Syringe 5 Minute Set


Gorilla Glue 60ml Open Working Time 20 Minutes


Gorilla Glue 115ml Open Working Time 20 Minutes


Gorilla Glue 250ml Open Working Time 20 Minutes


Gorilla Super Glue 2 x 3g


Gorilla Super Glue 15g


Gorilla Wood Glue 236ml 20-30 Minutes Clamp Time


Gorilla Wood Glue 532ml 20-30 Minutes Clamp Time