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Buying Group Votes in First Female Chair

Here at Lamberts, we’re part of a buying consortium made up of 8 other distributors called REDG. This means we’re able to purchase parts from large manufacturers at volume, keeping costs lower so we can pass on savings to our customers, keeping prices competitive.

We’re thrilled to announce that our very own Managing Director, Trina Beare, was voted in as the new Chair at the recent REDG conference, where all the companies came together to discuss their plans for the new year.

MD Trina and Chris Lowry, the previous Chair
MD Trina and Chris Lowry, the previous Chair.

Trina will be the first female Chair of the consortium, which has been Chaired by Chris Lowry for the past 14 years and a series of other members for the past 40 years. She will serve a tenure of 3 years when another member of the consortium will be voted in to take over the post.

As a female MD in a male-heavy world of industrial parts, this will be a great opportunity for Trina to share what she has learned in her position and help drive REDG forward.

On being voted in, she said: “I have very big shoes to fill, Chris has done an amazing job of steering the ship. It means so much to have been voted in by the rest of the group. I will make sure I can live up to the promises and can’t wait to see where the 41st year takes us.”

REDG Go to The Races

Her first event after being voted in as REDG Chair was the annual Cheltenham Races Day in November, which Lamberts and other REDG members, Watkins and Powis hosted for several of the consortium’s suppliers as a way to say thank you.

Blue skies for the Cheltenham Races event.
Blue skies for the Cheltenham Races event.

Booles Tools, CMT, Greenaway and Marla attended the day, and a great day was had by all. The annual tradition was marked by some commemorative embroidered scarves that the Lamberts Workwear team produced, containing the REDG logo, as well as Lamberts and Watkins and Powis.

The embroidered scarves given as commemorative gifts to attendees.

Passing On the Savings

We’re part of the REDG group as it allows us to pass on savings and discounts to our customers, to find out more about our over 16,000 stock lines, visit our catalogue.


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