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Focus on...Stainless Steel Pressfit

This month we are spotlighting the fantastically intuitive product piping system, stainless steel Pressfit.

This M-profile plumbing piping system has a vast range of various parts on offer to meet all pipeline requirements. Pressfit is a product which is incredibly versatile and the complete range of O-rings which are available, enables it to be suitable for a vast range of applications.

We love it for a few reasons:


The durable stainless-steel material of Pressfit is non-corrosive and has great rust; temperature; and vibration resistance. Innovative technology is used to produce this high-precision, thin-walled material.


Great peace of mind for the installer and the customer alike can be taken from the fact that this product is fully approved by the Water Regulations Approval Scheme (WRAS) and that it is produced to the highest EN standards.


This full European materials and mechanical standards compliance, along with Pressfit’s great affordability, sets this product apart from its competitors on a global scale.


The fittings can be connected to new pipe, as well as pipeline systems that are already in place, with a simple application of hydraulic pressure, effectively crimping the metal in place and creating a tight, waterproof seal.

Great alternative to welding

This offers a quick and easy install with a permanent press-joint to give a clean and aesthetic finish. With no need for welding the process is fast, cost-effective and convenient.


Stainless steel is hygienic, strong and reliablegiving it a huge lifespan of up to 70 years and meaning there is a very low maintenance required.

(A few of the vast array of press fitting available from the Pressfit range.)

Pressfit has been used extensively in:

● food processing

● avionics

● beverages

● the medical sector

● industrial settings

For a demo of how hydraulic pressure can be used for stainless-steel press fittings, see this video:

Stainless steel press-fit systems have been used at BAE, Land Rover, Coca Cola, Sipsmiths, Mclaren and Carnival Cruises to name a few. We have even used it ourselves on our shiny new exterior signage at Lamberts HQ!

Lamberts are proud stockists of this product. Joint Managing Director, Neill Ives tells us more about why Lamberts choose to supply the range: “The stainless steel press piping system is a popular plumbing system for a whole range of different industries. The press is quick and easy to use and because the system is made from stainless steel, it is very hygienic, resistant to rust and corrosion - making it perfect for food, cosmetic and healthcare industries. Its long life-span also makes it a sound investment.

(Joint Managing Director at Lamberts, Neill Ives)

Our tops tips for using the stainless steel Pressfit system:

Step 1: CUTTING Cut the pipes using suitable tools that will avoid the risk of buckling. For example, the machine oxygen cutting and the use of a disc grinding wheel are not recommended.

Step 2: DEBURRING Carefully deburr the pipe, both internally and externally, as a possible residual burr could damage the O-ring and compromise the connection tightness.

Step 3: O-RING CHECKING Check the correct position of the O-ring inside the toroidal chamber and lubricate it with water or soap. Do not use oil or grease at all.

Step 4: INSERTION Put the pipe into the fitting and push it through a slight rotation until it's at a complete stop.

Step 5: MARKING Fix the correct position between them using a marking pen in order to see possible movements before pressing.

Step 6: PROVIDING THE PRESSING TOOL Provide the pressing tool with the suitable jaw as per the diameter of the fitting to be pressed.

Step 7: SETTING PRESSING TOOL Set the pressing tool in a correct way so that the toroidal chamber is inside the proper housing of the jaw.

Step 8: PRESSING Carry out the pressing process until the jaw-halves come in contact.


Once pressed, the fitting guarantees both the stiffness of the whole system and the perfect tightness of the O-ring. Connections are now no longer divisible and resist high stress.

For more info on our stainless steel Pressfit system, please contact our friendly and knowledge sales team by emailing or call 03300 535598


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