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How an accountancy secondment helped grow our business

An exciting collaboration has been taking place at Lamberts in recent months, with a secondment initiative by local accountancy firm, Price Bailey.

We've always been keen to forge strong relationships with local businesses and secondments provide the opportunity to share skills and offer experiences within the workplace.

Price Bailey has provided secondment support to our accountancy department since September 2022. During an incredibly busy time within our accounts department, we needed some support and saw how the opportunity for a secondment could really meet our needs.

We really are seeing the value of the diversification that the new ideas, skills, and perspectives Price Bailey is injecting into our business.

We love the chance to grow our professional network by making contacts outside of our own company and we really have forged a great working relationship.

It has been a great collaboration!

About secondments

Secondments are a low-risk opportunity for businesses to engage with new talent. They’re an excellent opportunity to network with different companies to make those connections, with the potential for long-term professional relationships.

Secondments can either be internal or - like the Lamberts collaboration with Price Bailey - external with both examples being a great resource for short-term projects or staff absences.

The mutual benefits for external secondments include:

• Both parties can utilise the new and different skill sets the employee has to offer, and in turn, the employee can learn from the company they are seconded to.

• A great way to build inter-business relationships.

• Both parties benefit from the professional experience the employee can bring and the new company can offer to the employee.

• A brilliant solution for managing staffing levels.

• Exposure both the employee and the business to different professional situations, environments, team dynamics, ideas, and perspectives.

The employee is still protected and returns to their original role and workplace once the secondment is complete. They are still entitled to all of the rights and privileges set out in their contract.

At the same time the business that the employee is seconded to can garner all the experience and expertise of a new starter without recruiting and committing to a new member of staff.


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