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Is PPE Inclusive?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) refers to specialised clothing or equipment that is worn to protect an individual from various workplace hazards. A recent article published to the ‘Considerate Constructors Scheme Best Practice Hub’ highlighted the lack of inclusive PPE in construction. While unisex PPE has been offered and accepted by many in the construction industry, it is not necessarily fit for purpose.

The issue raised prompted the Considerate Constructors Scheme to implement a new requirement to their monitor checklist to be implemented in January 2024. The new requirement mandates that Registered Activity must maintain administrative controls for health and safety, including providing suitable PPE in female sizes.

PPE and safety boots on table

As a leading supplier of workwear and PPE in East Anglia, we recognise the importance of inclusivity in workplace protection. We offer a comprehensive range of PEE and workwear, catering to diverse sizes and ensuring everyone benefits from optimal protection.

Why is gender-inclusive PPE important?

Ensuring that PPE fits well is paramount for the safety, comfort, and overall wellbeing of every worker. Ill-fitting equipment such as, gloves or safety boots, poses a risk by reduced effectiveness, potentially leading to accidents.

It’s important that we recognise the diversity in body shapes. PPE tailored specifically for women takes into consideration height, chest, and waist dimensions, guaranteeing a better fit and protection against any potential hazards.

In industries traditionally dominated by males, providing female employees with PPE in sizes designed for them is an important step towards creating an inclusive and supportive workplace environment.

Safety For All

Here at Lamberts, we understand that by offering a range of different sizes suited to both men and women, we can help keep your employees safe and protected.

Contact us to find out more about our inclusive sizes and what we stock including footwear, fleeces, HiVis, PPE, Trousers and more.


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