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10 reasons you should be using Kee Klamp for your construction firm

The products we supply here at Lamberts are vast and diverse, servicing the needs of many sectors. One of the most popular products we supply to the construction industry is Kee Safety, for whom Lamberts is proud to be an established distributor.

Kee Safety, established in the UK almost 90 years ago, has a large portfolio of various components which can be combined to create an array of bespoke safety systems, such as handrails, barriers and fall protection.

Its large portfolio consists of various fall protection ranges – KeeGuard, Kee Dome, KeeLine, Kee Walk, Kee Anchor, Kee Mark and Kee I-Bolt. At Lamberts we specialise in Kee Klamp.

Why we love Kee Klamp

Trina Beare, Managing Director of Lamberts said: “We have been supplying Kee Klamp Safety systems for over 30 years. The reason we stock it and remain faithful to the brand is the quality of the product. Kee Klamp is often the preferred brand for local authorities and national organisations such as the Environment Agency because it is so robust. It’s a reliable solution for our customers.”

Trina Beare, Managing Director of Lamberts
Trina Beare, Managing Director of Lamberts, who has been supplying Kee Klamp safety systems for over 30 years

How does Kee Klamp work?

Kee Klamp fittings are made from robust galvanised steel, making it a heavy-duty, reliable and effective solution for safety structures. The tube and fittings are joined together like a puzzle to create an endless range of combinations and structures. No special tools are required, making the installation quick and easy – once the slip-on fittings are positioned on the pipe, they are simply locked in place with screws using an allen key tool. There is no need for welding so the time and labour savings are enormous.

Multiple fittings can be added to build your structure in whichever combination is needed – along with the pipe, different parts including tee and cross joints, combination sockets, elbow joints, pole holders and base and wall plates, can all be added.

A Kee Klamp handrail. Photo courtesy of Kee Safety
Photo courtesy of Kee Safety

Here are our ten benefits of using Kee Klamp

  1. Versatility: Kee Klamp can be used in many combinations to fit your space and requirements

  2. Strong and hardwearing: made from solid materials, it can bear huge amounts of weight, making it suitable for industrial settings

  3. Great for outdoors: made from highly corrosive-resistant material, it can endure all weather conditions

  4. Simple to install: its quick and easy installation means limited man-power and time is required

  5. Portable: can be taken down and reconfigured as needed

  6. Reusable: if a structure needs to be removed the pieces can be reused and reconfigured

  7. Flexible: available in a range of different sizes, styles and colours

  8. Safe: no sharp corners or edges

  9. Cost-effective: no specialist tools or skills are required to install

  10. No welding: so no hot permits are required

Kee Klamp Fitting BC53-8 Swivel Elbow
Kee Klamp Fitting BC53-8 Swivel Elbow

With Kee Klamp offering so many benefits, Lamberts distributes this product to many of our customers, particularly in the construction sector.


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