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Lamberts go to BBC Radio Norfolk

At the end of February, BBC Radio Norfolk’s Kayleigh Poacher had a very special guest on her show. Our very own MD Trian Beare!

Lamberts MD Trina Beare and BBC Radio Norfolk's Kayleigh Poacher at BBC Radio Norfolk studios
Lamberts MD Trina Beare visits daytime presenter Kayleigh Poacher at the BBC Radio Norfolk studios

Heading over to the BBC Radio Norfolk studios in the heart of Norwich, Trina was welcomed by the team and shown around the facilities before taking the hot seat opposite Kayleigh, the daytime host, to be interviewed about Lamberts on its 60th anniversary. The interview was broadcast as the headline feature on Friday’s show and led the narrative on the topic of local family businesses and families working together. Trina discussed her experience coming into the business and the lessons learned from her father and grandfather about the importance of family values when running the business.

Kayleigh Poacher and Trina Beare discussing Lamberts 60th anniversary
During her interview on the show, Trina discussed Lamberts 60th anniversary
Kayleigh Poacher and Trina Beare discussing local family businesses on BBC Radio Norfolk
The headline feature of the daytime show was the success of local family businesses

In the interview, Trina said, “When I came into the business, about 16 years ago, I suddenly realised how many people recognised the name, and they always had positive things to say about it, which is lovely. I’m only a custodian of it, it was set up by my grandfather, and I just try and carry on in the same ethos that he set it up as, that we treat everybody equally – customers, suppliers and staff.”

Trina Beare, MD of Lamberts, was shown around the facilities at the BBC Radio Norfolk studios
Trina was given a tour of the facilities at the BBC Radio Norfolk studios

When Kayleigh asked if there were any traditions or wisdom from Henry Beare that Trina still sticks to today, Trina added, “My grandfather, whenever he came into the business would always go round and speak to everybody, whether they were in the warehouse, whether they were in the stores, whether they were in the sales office – he would make sure he spoke to everybody, and I suppose I’ve taken that on. That also aligns with what I was taught that everybody is the same and that everybody is just as important as each other. So, every day when I get into the office I go round – I call it my walk round – and say morning to everybody, just giving everybody an opportunity to speak to me if they need to talk about anything – I can usually judge if they’re having a bad day or if something is bothering them. That’s how my day starts, to make sure everybody in my team is happy and comfortable and ready to go ahead with the day. Then I can sit at my desk and do my work safe in the knowledge that they are comfortable in their day ahead.’

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