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Our sunflowers gift for Priscilla Bacon Hospice

Norfolk farmer Rob Alexander has sown the seeds of hope by donating over 90,000 sunflowers to aid in the construction of a new building for the Priscilla Bacon Hospice Charity. This act of generosity also brings Charity’s ambitious fundraising goal within closer reach.

A large field of sunflowers
The 90,000 sunflowers that Rob has donated.

The sunflowers, though beautiful, have not graced Rob's fields before. This year, however, they have taken root with a special purpose – to help his partner, Trina, our Managing Director, in support of our Priscilla Bacon 500 Club charity initiative.

Inspired by the sunflower fields in Tuscany, these plants radiate joy in more ways than one. They will be sold in Priscilla Bacon Hospice's charity shops across Norfolk for a suggested donation of £1 per stem. The funds raised from this initiative will aid in our fundraising total for the 500 Club, an initiative that over 150 local businesses have joined, to help raise the final £250,000 needed to complete the new Priscilla Bacon Lodge.

MD Trina, Farmer Rob and Store Manager Sue stood outside the Priscilla Bacon Hospice Bowthorpe Charity shop with sunflowers.
Our MD Trina (right) with Farmer Rob (centre) and Sue Bird, Priscilla Bacon Hospice Charity Store Manager, Bowthorpe (left).

Other ways that we’ve been raising money include a bike ride challenge, football squares and homemade bee flower bombs. The team has really rallied behind the cause to support this initiative and made the hospice their charity of the year.

The Priscilla Bacon Lodge has been a beacon of comfort and care for individuals and families in Norfolk for over 40 years. The new site, near the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, promises to provide even more essential services, and the sunflowers donated by Rob to support the final push, encapsulate the very essence of this mission.

Once the sunflower heads have been collected and donated to the charity shops, the remainder of the plant can be used to create feed for livestock like cows. Meaning as little as possible is going to waste.

Make sure you visit your local Priscilla Bacon Hospice charity shop to pick up some of these amazing blooms while donating to a good cause.

Hear from Rob and Trina on why they chose to donate the sunflowers, and Sue Bird as to what this means for the Priscilla Bacon Hospice charity.


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