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A long-standing partnership with pipeline supplier GF Piping Systems

We source our products from many manufacturers and always ensure we choose companies who supply the best of the best. GF Piping Systems (Georg Fischer) are renowned for the quality of its product, being a global expert in piping systems with a heritage that is over 200 years old. They supply Lamberts with a range of pipes and fittings which we distribute to our multi-sector customer base.

A selection of pipe and fittings from GF Piping Systems
GF Piping Systems supplies Lamberts with a range of reliable plastic fittings. Photo courtesy of GF Piping Systems

Georg Fischer’s centuries of experience in pipe and fittings production

GF Piping Systems (Georg Fischer) was established more than 200 years ago in 1802 by Johann Conrad Fischer initially as a small copper smelting plant in Switzerland. As the years passed, much like Lamberts, the company remained in family hands and was passed to Johann’s son, then to his grandson Georg Fischer in 1864. Georg transformed the workshop into an industrial plant and from then it began producing robust malleable cast iron fittings.

A black and white photograph dating from 1864 of a large group of people who were the original Georg Fischer team alongside the pipeline parts they manufacture.
Lamberts supplies fittings from Georg Fischer, a company with a 200-year heritage producing industrial parts. Pictured is the team in 1864, when Georg Fisher transformed his father’s workshop into an industrial plant. Photo courtesy of GF Piping Systems

Over the years the business diversified into the production of reliable and long-lasting plastic piping and fittings and grew into the huge manufacturer that GF Piping Systems is today.

A black and white hand drawn page from an original GF Piping Systems brochure, dating from 1865 and detailing the pipes and fittings of its product range.
An original brochure from 1865, which included 91 models of pipe fittings. Photo courtesy of GF Piping Systems

With this 200-year legacy GF Piping Systems really understands its product and has had years to perfect its offering. Lamberts in turn can be sure we’re passing this reliability onto our customers.

The benefits of GF Piping Systems products

GF manufactures pipe and fittings for a range of sectors, including:

  • Chemical process

  • Energy

  • Marine

  • Water and gas distribution

  • Water treatment

  • Food and drink

There are vast benefits to be had from using GF plastic fittings, which include:

  • With a diverse range of more than 60,000 parts available, the products offer a complete system solution.

  • The durable plastic materials make them low maintenance.

  • The high precision technologies used in manufacturing make the products highly reliable.

  • Robust enough to safely transport liquids and gasses.

  • Made from lightweight materials, these fittings are easy to transport.

  • Easy to use, meaning fitting can be completed quickly and cost-effectively.

  • Great customer support is offered from its global representation of offices across more than 100 countries

  • A well-established and experienced company with a 200-year heritage – with 60 years in plastic fittings manufacture.

Lamberts staff members sitting at their desks in the sales office at the Whiffler Road, Norwich HQ.
Our friendly sales team are here to assist in sourcing your industrial needs.

Sourcing industry needs

At Lamberts we are experts in sourcing industry needs, so we’ve got you covered with quality and reliable products. We build strong relationships with our suppliers so our customer can feel secure in the knowledge that we invest in the best.

For more information or support with sourcing pipes, fittings or any other industrial products, either pop in to our Lamberts HQ to speak to our friendly sales team, email or call 03300 535598.


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