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Powering Up; We’re Going Green

Sustainability is at the forefront of our journey here at Lamberts. We are reducing our carbon footprint as an organisation and taking steps across the office and our supply chain to ensure we’re working towards a greener future.

We had ideas for solar panels and electric charging points but didn’t know where to start, so we called in the experts.

The Ball Rolling

Brian and Sean from Impact Services visited us at Lamberts HQ back in November to go through our solar requirements. A local solar and renewable installer in Norwich, the company's values line up with ours so well that it was a perfect partnership from the start.

They were able to take measurements of our roof and calculate the amount of power that we would be able to provide with a variety of options that also included the capacity to sell power back to the grid and ones including batteries to store the energy for low-production times.

Impact services pannels
The panels arrived like a Christmas gift!

Green Christmas

The team from Impact Services came the week before the festive break to install our solar panels. They covered the main roof of our Whiffler Road site with an array which should mean that we’re self-sufficient through the summer months, and still greatly improve our main-grid energy usage throughout the winter.

Team holding solar pannel
The team from Impact Services.

Operations Director, Karl, braved the climb to the roof of the building to oversee the project despite the windy conditions. The panels were installed in small sections, making sure not to interfere with the skylights that we have on the roof already.

Two men holding a pannel.
Karl (right) and one of our new solar panels.

Trina Beare, MD commented, “This is a great step towards a greener and more sustainable Lamberts. We wanted to utilise the resources that we had to improve our offering. Projects like this require the whole team to come together and rely on brilliant partners like those at Impact Services. We can’t wait to see the difference that this has on our energy consumption.”

The flat roof of our main building is perfect for a solar solution.
The flat roof of our main building is perfect for a solar solution.

The Lamberts Approach

Our HQ will be utilising these solar panels as soon as possible, powering our Whiffler Road site for many years to come. To stay up to date with our sustainability journey, subscribe to our newsletter below.

Impact Services can be contacted on 01603 304306.


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