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Why does your company need branded outerwear?

Now that September's heat waves are behind us and we’re facing the colder and wetter months, it’s time to consider the benefits of personalised jackets and outerwear for your team.

We work with businesses to create personalised uniforms and workwear right here in Norwich. With a core stock range that includes Regatta jackets and Yoko Hi-Vis, we can partner with you to create custom jackets that keep your team warm and dry and make sure they’re visible.

A black Regatta rain coat and a Yellow Hi-Vis Yoko jacket
Get your team seen with personalised jackets, also available in Hi-Vis.

Professional Image

Impressions count, and even with the cold weather having your team in clearly identifiable jackets and outerwear can make all the difference. The cohesive look presents your brand with pride and makes sure your team can continue to perform even if the weather is against them.

Customers can trust your team if they’re easy to spot and personalised work jackets can help with that. Whether your team are out directing traffic, working amongst the public, or simply presenting a unified look, it can make all the difference when it comes to your organisation's image.

An embroidery machine adding the NHS logo to a blue jacket.
Clearly identifiable teams make all the difference at organisations like the NHS.

Branding and Marketing

Wearable marketing often brings sandwich boards to mind. Perhaps a more modern approach of a branded bobble hat or personalised rain jacket could work better for your business? Branded outerwear acts as a walking billboard for your company.

This increased visibility helps create brand recognition among potential customers both at work and in public and reinforces your brand awareness. Customers might be prompted to search for your organisation where traditional methods of marketing haven’t reached them.

Working with a branded workwear specialist like our team here at Lamberts means that we can also ensure the colours and fonts of your brand are printed correctly using either heatseal or embroidery.

For the Team

Your team are proud to work for the company, so what a great way to let them show it. Personalised workwear, whether it’s branded jackets, a personalised Hi-Vis or a polo shirt, helps them feel like part of a team. A company jacket to keep them warm in the winter months can foster a sense of belonging and comradery, like a sports team.

This positive messaging is good for morale and encourages your team to be visible ambassadors for your organisation.

An industrial sized embroidery machine that can embroider multiple colours at the same time
We personalise all your workwear right here in Norfolk.

Get the Ball Rolling

You can also check out our core stock range to see a variety of jackets and outerwear on our website. We also offer free logo embroidery set up for every customer, regardless of the size of your order.

Considering how to make your team stand out in the colder months? Speak to our Workwear Team today.


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